Amy Brandau
Academic Advisor
Academic Advising
Todd Campbell
CARD Systems Analyst
System Analyst
Nathan Cook
CARD Communications Specialist
Liesl Eathington
Research Scientist III, Iowa Community Indicators Program Coordinator
Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
Amy Emmett
Graduate Studies Coordinator
Graduate Studies
Program Coordinator
Student Services Specialist
Philip Gassman
CARD Associate Scientist
Dr. Youngjie Ji
CARD Assistant Scientist
Ann Johanns
Extension Program Specialist
Christopher Jorgensen
Systems Support Specialist
Faculty and student support
Systems Support
Karen Kovarik
Administrative Assistant
Mike Long
CARD Systems Analyst
System Analyst
Lisa Scarbrough
Extension Communications Specialist, Women in Ag Program
Madeline Schultz
Program Manager, Women in Ag Program
Academic Advisor
Academic Advising
Marty Watt
Cost Center Manager