No serious grocery shortages: Schulz

July 15, 2020

Dr. Lee SchulzLee Schulz, associate professor, was interviewed for a July 15 story, "Meat and poultry supplies no longer a serious concern, processors and grocers say."

But serious shortages at the grocery store never materialized for several reasons, said Lee Schulz., extension livestock economist at Iowa State University. Substantial production continued during the crisis and there was already inventory in the pipeline. Also, some consumers had previously stocked their freezers with extra cuts of meat.

In a July 16 HuffPost story, "Hog Euthanasia Threatens To Return This Fall."

Some expressed guarded optimism that hog farmers and meatpackers would call upon the same ingenuity that helped them avoid mass euthanasia in the spring. “The backlog is larger than we’ve ever seen it ― I don’t want to downplay that,” economist Lee Schulz, also at Iowa State University, said. “But I wouldn’t bet against the industry either.” 

A paper by Schulz, " Beef and Pork Marketing Margins and Price Spreads during COVID-19," was cited in an Aug. 20 Beef magazine story, "Equity markets point to a different narrative in packer profitability." 

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