Hayes interviewed by Iowa Farmer Today

Dermot HayesDermot Hayes, professor, was interviewed for a Nov. 27 Iowa Farmer Today story, "Iowa State economist covers ground on global trade topics."

Dermot Hayes is the Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Life Sciences in the Department of Economics and professor and Pioneer Hi-Bred International Chair in Agribusiness in the Ivy School of Business at Iowa State University. His areas of expertise include U.S. farm policy and international agricultural trade, agribusiness, crop insurance, financial derivatives and the potential impact of China on commodity markets.

"I see no appetite in the Biden administration for free-trade deals. This is a pity because TPP membership will continue to grow and we will be at a disadvantage relative to other countries that join."

"Pork producers all over Asia and Central America have come to the realization that backyard production is no longer viable. As they switch to commercial feed, their costs will increase and this will draw in more U.S. pork. China is developing a taste for U.S. beef, and the opportunity there is enormous."

Hayes was also interviewed for a Nov. 25 KIWA story about soaring ethanol prices.

"Ethanol prices dropped significantly in 2020 as energy consumption fell due to the pandemic. Since then, people are back driving almost as much as they were before and energy prices are high, making ethanol more valuable."