Swenson media contacts

David SwensonDavid Swenson, associate scientist, did several interviews this week including:

  • The Trent Rice Show, KASI, about attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the consequences for individuals and the economy.
  • Brian Mann, National Public Radio, about the condition of rural America/Midwest and the prospects of the Trump administration for improvement.
  • Ed Tibbetts, Quad City Times, about the stock market topping 20,000 and whether that meant anything of significance for Iowa overall.

Swenson will also lead the Sunday Speaker Series at the Iowa City Public Library on Sunday with his address “Iowa’s Economy & Economic Consequences / Tradeoffs of TIF.” The lecture, held from 2-3 p.m., is part of a statewide study of tax increment financing undertaken by the Iowa League of Women Voters.