NBER Call for Papers - Research Meeting on Innovation

January 31, 2020

July 14-15, 2020
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Submission deadline: March 18, 2020

As part of the Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (PIE) Program activities at the NBER Summer Institute, we are organizing a two-day research meeting on Innovation.

The workshop will include papers on the economics of innovation and innovation policy.  We encourage submissions on any topic related to innovation, and are especially interested in papers relating to:

  •     The impact of innovation policy instruments such as intellectual
  •     property rights in creating (or discouraging) innovation
  •     Novel methods for measuring the economic causes or consequences of innovation
  •     The relationship between innovation and market structure
  •     The relationship between innovation and broader economic outcomes,
  •     including economic growth and inequality

Preference will be given to empirical research, but interesting theoretical work that is closely connected to real world problems will also be considered.
    If you have a paper that you would like to submit for consideration, please upload a copy here by NOON (EST) on March 18, 2020:  http://papers.nber.org/confsubmit/backend/cfp?id=SI20PRINN.
    You may submit to up to two workshops.  When submitting to two workshops, please use the text box to indicate which presentation venue is your first choice, and also provide a brief (less than 500 character) explanation of why the paper is well suited to multiple workshops.
    Please share this information with colleagues who may have a paper suitable for the program.  Papers by researchers with and without NBER affiliations, by early career scholars, and by researchers from under-represented groups, are welcome.
    Unfortunately, space is limited at the Summer Institute and thus it will not be possible to invite everyone who receives this call for papers. Invitations and logistical information will be sent out by May.

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