M.S.A.E. Placements

M.S.A.E. placements, 2021

Name Position title Employer Major Professors
Trey Boyle Agricultural Loan Officer Shelby County State Bank, Harlan, IA Alejandro Plastina
Holly Cook Economist National Pork Producers Council, Washington, D.C. Dermot Hayes
Grant Durbahn Market Research Analyst CF Industries Wendong Zhang, Peter Orazem 
Aaron Gerdts Fiscal Legislative Analyst  Iowa Legislative Services Agency  John Crespi, Katie Harris-Lagoudakis
Courtney Titus Agricultural Data Specialist Sustainable Environmental Consultants, West Des Moines, IA Peter Orazem

"The  program perfectly complemented my undergraduate degree with more rigorous economics coursework and applied research experience. The skills I developed have opened doors for career opportunities that would not have otherwise been possible.”
—Holly Cook

“I have already learned so much after one month in my new job and am excited about the future. While completing all of this analysis, I realized how grateful I am to have attended ISU and completed the MSAE program as it gave me the supporting background knowledge that has allowed me to catch on quickly in my new career.”
—Trey Boyle

“Going through the research process is an excellent opportunity to get and work with hands-on data, and to answer questions, which are all super marketable skills. Wendong and Peter are fantastic. They were a great help and made research a very enjoyable experience.”
—Grant Durbahn