MS Coursework


MS program students take coursework during fall and spring semesters. The program concludes with a summer term dedicated to completing a thesis or creative component project in their field of interest with the potential to collaborate with industry stakeholders.

Undergraduate students currently enrolled at Iowa State University have the option of starting coursework for the MSAE or MSE in their junior or senior year (see our concurrent program), allowing them to earn both a BS and MS degree in less than five years.

Recommended Schedule of Coursework

Year Coursework Comments

Econ 500 Quant Methods in Econ Analysis I (4 credits)
Econ 501 Microeconomics (4 credits)
Econ 594X Res Methods in Econ I (1 credit)
Electives (6 credits)

Spring MSAE/MSE:
Econ 571 Intermediate Econometrics (4 credits)
Econ 595X Res Methods in Econ II (1 credit)
Econ 596X Res Methods in Econ III (1 credit)
Electives (9 credits MSAE/6 credits MSE)
Econ 502 (4 credits)
Choose major professor

File Program of Study and
Committee (POSC) form

Summer MSAE/MSE:
Econ 599 Research Course (2 credits)

File graduation paperwork
and conduct oral

Note that the graduate college requires:

  • A minimum of 30 credits for MS programs, a thesis or creative component, and an oral final exam.
  • Use of up to 9 credits at the 300 and 400 level classes (no more than 3 credits at the 300 level). Fulfilling this requirement is at the discretion of the POS committee.
  • Students may apply up to 6 hours used for an undergraduate degree to meet graduate program requirements.