Midwest Markets and Entrepreneurship launches new website

August 18, 2021

Dr. Peter OrazemThe Program for the Study of Midwest Markets and Entrepreneurship has launched a new website.

The program, which conducts research on how government policies affect business startups and success, employment, human capital, and investment in nonmetropolitan markets, is directed by Peter F. Orazem, university professor.

The mission of the program is "Our expertise is based on a growing body of studies that show how government policies, such as taxes, business incentive programs, and regulatory policies affect entrepreneurship and local economic growth. Analysis is identifying which factors or strategies succeed in Midwest markets facing the disadvantages of relatively small numbers of local customers, input suppliers, skilled workers and venture capitalists and how state education policies affect the growth and retention of skilled workers."

Affiliated faculty include John V. Winters, professor, Donghyuk Kim, assistant professor and Kevin Kimle, teaching professor.