Midwest Markets Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Georgeanne Artz

Georgeanne Artz
Associate Professor

Artz has an active research program in the area of agricultural business and rural economic development and teaches undergraduate courses in farm business management and micro-economic theory.

Kevin Kimle

Kevin Kimle
Senior Lecturer, Director of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative

Kimle’s work includes development and delivery of entrepreneurship curriculum and programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, outreach programs to aspiring entrepreneurs and agribusiness executives, and research on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Dr. Joshua Rosenbloom

Joshua Rosenbloom
Professor and Department Chair

Rosenbloom’s research focuses on the development of the U.S. economy and the economics of science, technology and innovation. He has published on the role of innovation in regional economic development and explored a variety of topics related to labor market mobility and agglomeration economies.

Dr. John Winters

John Winters
Associate Professor

Winters’ research focuses mainly on regional economics and labor economics with specific topics including the migration of college students and graduates, human capital effects on regional economies, individual education outcomes, wage differentials, teacher labor markets, STEM labor market issues, and self-employment outcomes.