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February 19, 2016

David SwensonDave Swenson, associate scientist, talked with Tom Brokaw, NBC News, about the economics of the Iowa Caucuses. Swenson spoke specifically about his 2008 study of the economic impact.

Swenson was also a panelist at the annual Business Record 2016 Economic Forecast Luncheon in West Des Moines. The other panelists were Dan Houston, President & CEO, Principle Financial Group; Debi Durham, Director, Iowa Economic Development Authority, and Jim Paulsen, Chief Investment Strategist, Wells Capital Management.

Swenson also spoke with:

  • Robin Young, NPR’s “Here and Now,” about the role of ethanol and agriculture in caucus politics, and Jairo Mejia, Efe News Services, about Iowa’s economy and how economic issues factor into voter sentiment.
  • Nathanael Johnson, food and agriculture editor for Grist, about the importance of ethanol and the corn industry to the state’s economy and to the Iowa caucuses.
  • Tom Cullen, Storm Lake Times, about the new $10 Million renewable products tax credit proposal revealed this week and whether that would significantly influence rural development in Iowa.
  • James Lynch, Cedar Rapids Gazette, about a new poll showing biofuels and ag interests are not dominant issues in the caucuses.
  • Pat Cohen, New York Times, about Iowa's labor force and the effects of low unemployment on wages.

Published 1-25-16

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