Media contacts - Swenson

March 7, 2016

David SwensonDave Swenson, associate scientist, tells Charity Nebbe, Iowa Public Radio, that any new, sizable store almost guarantees an economic impact.

Swenson answered questions from Christopher Doering, Des Moines Register, about why, according to a recent DMR survey, there is such broad bipartisan support for the RFS in Iowa even though support is soft to nonexistent elsewhere in the U.S.

Swenson was also a guest on Iowa Public Radio’s Talk of Iowa on Thursday. Swenson discussed changes in the state’s retail trade and shopping patterns over time – especially shift from small areas to larger cities.

He did a separate interview with Amy Mayer, Iowa Public Radio and Harvest Public Media, about Abengoa declaring bankruptcy and what that might mean for cellulosic ethanol production.

Swenson also talked with Ed Tibbetts, Quad Cities Times, about the utility of a Distressed Communities Index (reported in the NY Times) and whether one should have confidence in the findings.

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