Martens named Chief Economist Council Moderator

December 14, 2021

Bobby MartensBobby Martens, associate professor, was asked by Chief Economist Robin Anderson and the Iowa Department of Revenue Director Kraig Paulsen to moderate the newly developed State of Iowa Chief Economist’s Council.

The Council's purpose is “to inform the State Chief Economist and the State of Iowa about Iowa’s current economy and future expectations.” Input about the Iowa economy comes from representatives of organizations important to the state’s economy. Output informs those in the department of revenue and the State of Iowa Chief Economist as she creates briefs and information for state officials.

Martens' responsibilities include:

  • Managing the work process of the meeting
  • Ensuring formal and equal treatment of the contributors
  • Supporting the formulation of objectives common to the group
  • Offering editorial assistance with read-ahead and meeting summaries
  • Collaborating on identification of topics of discussion

Martens, the Iowa Institute of Cooperatives Endowed Economics Professor, said, “I was honored to be asked by the State of Iowa Chief Economist and the Director of the State of Iowa Department of Revenue to moderate this council. Effectively moderating a council in which experienced and highly qualified members discuss Iowa’s economy and offer forward-looking commentaries is a responsibility. When I agreed to serve in this role, I accepted the responsibility to work diligently to make the Council as productive and useful as possible. In addition, this is an opportunity to represent Iowa State University – including CALS and Extension – as we continue to serve under our common Land Grant Mission.”