Mail processing for Heady Hall

March 26, 2020

Beginning immediately, here are the new mail-handling procedures for Heady Hall:
Because we are practicing social distancing, department staff is working remotely and the offices will be locked.

  • We will be receiving U.S. mail deliveries weekly. Mail will be sorted  by our student assistant (Derrick) and placed in mailboxes in the mail room.
  • Heady Hall will remain locked to the public, but the mail room will be left open 24/7 for Heady residents to access. However, faculty should not be checking mail on a regular basis (this is non-essential).
  •  If you would like, we can arrange to have Derrick forward all important mail via first class mail to your home address. This does not include journals, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • UPS and Fedex deliveries will not be coming directly to the department, but will be delivered to central receiving. Central receiving will then deliver any packages to Heady Hall on a weekly basis. Rafael will be notified once a package is delivered and he will notify the intended recipient via email.
  • If you do come in to pick up mail or packages, please do not lock or close the mail room door. If you do happen to close or lock the door by accident, please email Rafael as soon as possible so he can get it unlocked quickly.
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