Lawrence wins award of merit

April 28, 2022

John LawrenceGamma Sigma Delta, the Iowa Beta Chapter of the Honor Society of Agriculture, held its annual award ceremony on April 21 in Dolezal Auditorium, Curtiss Hall. Iowa State University students, faculty and alumni were presented with awards, and new members were inducted into the organization.

The Alumni Award of Merit was given to John Lawrence, the vice president of Extension and Outreach at Iowa State University. He is recognized for his direction in advancing agriculture in Iowa, supporting communities, and encouraging youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. Lawrence has also held many other positions, including associate dean and director for Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension and director of the Iowa Beef Center.

Gamma Sigma Delta is the honorary society of agriculture. The organization’s objectives are to encourage excellence in the practice of agricultural pursuits and promote high standards of scholarship throughout agricultural science and education.