Kimle presentation, media interview

November 26, 2018

Kevin KimleKevin Kimle, senior lecturer, presented “Innovation in Agriculture” at the Cultivate Conference at Fargo, North Dakota, Nov. 15, 2018.

"The story of agriculture has been technology adoption," Kimle said, and added, "I think integration of outside technology into agriculture has sped up. But we have some unique challenges. We deal with a lot of live things—live plants and live animals—and we have to deliver actual products to consumers that are safe, reliable and in good shape."

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Kimle was also interviewed by Madelyn Beck on Morning Edition, KUNC Nov. 27 for "Beyond the Farm: A Look at the Wide World of Ag Degrees."

Kimle said the ag-entrepreneur market is “hot,” but acknowledges that a lot of people don’t think about ag in as “innovative” or “entrepreneurial.” “But I think the nature of agriculture also means managing risk when you’re dealing with living plants and animals,” he said.