Jobs not where the workers are: Rosenbloom

August 10, 2021

Joshua RosenbloomJoshua Rosenbloom, professor and department chair, was interviewed for an Aug. 8 Quad-City Times story, "Help wanted: Quad-Cities businesses struggling to hire employees."

"Workers changing job sectors may cause friction in the labor market, which could extend the labor shortage," according to Joshua Rosenbloom, Ph.D., chair of the economics department at Iowa State University. “The jobs may not be where the workers are; the kinds of jobs that employers are trying to fill may require skills that the workers don’t have,” Rosenbloom said. “It takes time to match, and they may require training or education, and that can take time.”

Rosenbloom suggested that creating a quality work environment where workers feel valued can attract more employees. For larger companies who can afford to advertise, expanding outside of the geographical area you typically advertise in can help as well.



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