ISU COVID-19 Information Resources

ISU COVID-19 Information Resources

Moving courses online

Guidance for Shifting Classes Online pdf

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Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

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  • Possible Alternatives to Using the Online Testing Center  

1) Pedagogical Alternatives:  
a. Allow students to take non-proctored Canvas examinations (called quizzes in Canvas) using best practices for maximum security including, question groups, shuffling questions, and time limits.   
b. Consider other methods within Canvas such as homework, quizzes, discussion postings that allow for assessment of the same content.  

2) Technology Alternative:  
 Top Hat allows for student quizzing; best practices should be used for Top Hat quizzing.  

3) Other Alternatives:  
a. If the exam was a paper-based exam, consider making it an open book examination. Students would then need to take a picture or scan the document and submit it as an assignment in Canvas.  
b. Consider delaying the exam and/or including the exam content on a comprehensive final exam.