Iowa State team wins Model European Union competition

April 12, 2018

Isaac Barrash, Lucy Dougherty, Steven ValentinoOnce again, Iowa State has won the Best Delegation award at the Midwest Model European Union competition, this year held April 5-7 at at the Indiana University Memorial Union in Bloomington. Iowa State teams have previously won Best Delegation awards in 2015 and 2016.

This year 21 students from Iowa State -- including three from the economics department -- fielded three teams representing Germany, Estonia, and Luxembourg. The German team won the conference and received four of the seven individual awards. Additionally, the Estonian team took second place overall and the Luxembourg delegation had multiple top finishes as well.

The three economics undergrads who participated are senior Isaac Barrash, econ and stat (on Estonia team), junior Lucy Dougherty, econ, poli sci (Luxembourg), and senior Steven Valentino, econ, poli sci (Germany) (in photo above, left to right). Valentino won one of the individual awards.

2018 Iowa State European Union competition teamEvery April, more than 160 college and university students meet to decide the future of the European Union (EU). Playing the roles of prime ministers and presidents, ambassadors and commissioners, ministers and diplomats,they spend three days debating policy, resolving disputes, building compromises, and charting the course of European integration. The Midwest Model European Union (MMEU) is one of only a half dozen events of its kind in the United States.