Iowa State M.S. of Econ Programs

Iowa State Central Campus

Iowa State offers a Masters of Economics and a Masters of Agricultural Economics Program (MSE/MSAE). Both programs provide advanced training and education to advance students’ careers. Graduates gain stronger technical skill, improved critical thinking, and better problem solving. The MS program is a great value added for both undergraduate students and working professionals. This flexible, one-year program, with a proven placement record maximizes graduate’s investment in education, provides research training, and equips graduates with the skills needed to enter advanced positions in the local, national, and global job market, or to pursue further graduate studies in related fields.

Applications are now accepted online for fall 2023. There is no formal deadline for application; however, applications received before February 15 are prioritized for scholarship consideration.

Questions? Please email M.S. Program Director Hongli Feng at

Career Opportunities

Providing rigorous training in research and analysis, the MS program leads to varied careers. Our graduates’ job placements show they fill vital positions in government and business.


Master’s program students will enter in the fall and take coursework during fall and spring semesters. The program concludes with a summer term dedicated to completing a thesis or creative component project in their field of interest with the potential to collaborate with industry stakeholders.

Tuition and Fees

The 2022-2023 tuition is $6,194 per semester for residents of Iowa, $14,297 per semester for nonresidents, and $15,181 for international students. Graduate students on assistantship are assessed tuition at the Iowa resident rate. Tuition for the next academic year will likely be somewhat higher. Graduate students are also responsible for mandatory fees of approximately $750 per semester. 


See Estimated Grad Student Costs for listings of estimated student expenses for a nine-month academic year. Please note that the Office of Admissions updates these figures so they may increase in future academic years. These figures are only estimates and can vary student to student.

Financial Assistance

At this time, M.S. students are not eligible for department assistantships. However, all applications are reviewed for scholarship opportunities. Applications received early are prioritized for scholarship consideration.