Dr. Alex Zhylyevskyy In the News

April 13, 2021

Congratulations to Alex and Abigail Zhylyevskyy who've announced a new addition to their family—Gabriel Alexander Zhylyevskyy, born April 11, 2021! 

Mom and the baby are both doing well and resting. 
Alex says, "Thanks to all family and friends who reached out. Your prayers are greatly appreciated."

July 20, 2020

Dr. Helen Jensen, Dr. Brent Kreider, Dr. Alex ZhylyevskyyA paper authored by Helen Jensen, Brent Kreider, and Alex Zhylyevskyy, "Investigating Treatment Effects of Participating Jointly in SNAP and WIC when the Treatment is Validated Only for SNAP," has been selected as the 2019 Honorable Mention Award Winner for the Food Safety and Nutrition Section's Best Economics Paper Award.

June 13, 2019

Dr. Alex Zhylyevskyy, Dr. Brent Kreider, Dr. Helen JensenResearch done by Alex Zhylyevskyy, associate professor, Brent Kreider, professor, and Helen Jensen, emeritus professor, published in the Southern Economic Journal, provides evidence that the SNAP and WIC programs are in fact complementary, not redundant.

November 26, 2018

Dr. Oleksandr ZhylyevskyyOleksandr Zhylyevskyy, associate professor, presented the paper "Causal Effects of Mental Health Conditions on Food Insecurity and the Role of SNAP" at the Missouri Valley Economic Association's annual conference in Memphis, Tennessee, Nov. 1-3, 2018. 

May 08, 2017

Berkshire Hathaway 2017 Annual Shareholders MeetingFifteen members of the department, including several members of the Econ Club, traveled to Omaha May 6, 2017, to attend the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting.

April 05, 2017

Melvin Masinde, Gerald Healy, Jacob Gerlach, Yining LuFour economics undergrads presented papers at the Midwest Economics Association 2017 annual meeting on March 31-April 2. 

March 01, 2017

Dr. Brent Kreider, Dr. Alex ZhylyevskyyBrent Kreider, professor, and Oleksandr Zhylyevskyy, associate professor, have won an LAS seed grant to investigate causal effects of joint participation in SNAP and WIC on mental health and food security.

August 01, 2016

Helen Jensen, Brent Kreider, Oleksandr (Alex) ZhylyevskyyHelen Jensen, Brent Kreider, Oleksandr Zhylyevskyy, and colleagues (Kim Greder at ISU and John Pepper at the University of Virginia) were awarded a $74,989 grant by the University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research...