IEDA Iowa Energy Center Competitive Grant Program - Due March 22

March 3, 2022

IEDA Iowa Energy Center Proposals

It is that time of year again where the Iowa Energy Center Competitive Grant Program Pre-Applications are starting to roll in! 

The Pre-Applications are due March 22 and do require a GoldSheet.  Important to note that if PI’s have not used the submission portal before, they will need to register by March 5 to ensure registrations can be completed prior to the submission deadline.  I’ve highlighted below a few items that have typically caused some issues in the past, so hopefully this will help everything go more smoothly this year.  Of course, please refer to program solicitation for full requirements.  Please reach out if you have any questions at all!


If you are planning to apply, please let me know right away as GoldSheets should arrive in OSPA by March 16.

Indirect Costs

  • Guidelines:  Indirect costs cannot exceed more than 20 percent of a grant award request.  Unrecovered IDC is not allowable.
  • OSPA Notes:  On the BOB, select “Other TDC” from the drop down and enter the rate of “25%”

Cost Share

  • Guidelines:  Minimum cost-share 5%. Cost share will be calculated based on the IEC award request. Applicants do have the opportunity to obtain extra points if they provide or secure additional cost share. Cost share must be accounted for at the pre-application phase.  Unrecovered IDC cannot be used as cost share.  However, matching indirect costs can be counted as cost share (not to exceed 20% of the total project budget).
  • OSPA Notes:  Cost Share should be at minimum 5% of the “Total Requested Funds” column in the BOB.  Cost Share Request Support form needs to be fully signed and routed with the GoldSheet.

Additional Document – OSPA signature needed

The “Application Approval Document” requires OSPA signature.  Please have the PI complete the bottom portion of the form regarding conflicts and attach it to the GoldSheet so it is ready for OSPA signature.