I-CORPS team recruitment

September 21, 2017

ISU recently received NSF funding to become an I-Corps site. Basically I-Corps is a program to grow and enhance our entrepreneurial ecosystem targeting graduate students and PostDocs. The program is team focused (Teams of 3 to 4) and involves training and other support for graduate students/Post Docs (working in a team with a faculty, known as an academic lead, and an entrepreneur mentor).

We are ready to launch ISU’s I-Corps program and are now accepting applications for the first cohort of I-Corps teams. The online application can be accessed at http://www.vpresearch.iastate.edu/documents/filelibrary/ISU_ICorps_Application_DB2C740C2A6FF.pdf.

Background information and a copy of the presentation made at the informational meetings can also be accessed at http://www.vpresearch.iastate.edu/documents/filelibrary/ICorps_Site_Presentation_91117_EF7D1CAA0F953.pdf.

For questions, contact: Guru Rao (gururao@iastate.edu); Kristine Johansen (kajohans@iastate.edu); Bill Adamowski (ski@iastate.edu).