How Bias in Economics Hurts Us All

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - 3:00 pm
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WonderWomen of Diversity Fall Discussion
December 8, 2021
3 p.m. CST

How Bias in Economics Hurts us All

The economics profession includes disproportionately few women and members of historically underrepresented racial/ethnic minority groups, relative both to the overall population and to other academic disciplines. This underrepresentation is present at the undergraduate level, continues into the ranks of the academy, and has barely improved over time. It likely hampers the discipline (and allied disciplines such as finance, accounting, management, and marketing), constraining the range of issues addressed and limiting our collective ability to understand familiar issues from new and innovative perspectives (Bayer and Rouse, 2016).

Join The WonderWomen of Diversity and The PhD Project as we discuss how the Economics pipeline issue impacts public policy, theories used in academic research, and a host of other things, as well as how we can all participate in being a part of the solution


Dr. Lisa Cook, Professor, Department of Economics and in International Relations (James Madison College), Michigan State University

Dr. Miriam Jorgensen, Research Director for the Native Nations Institute, University of Arizona and the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development

Dr. Marie Mora, Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives, University of Missouri - St. Louis

MODERATOR: Dr. David Porter, Executive Vice President of Strategy, People + Culture at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

HOST: Dr. Stephani Mason, Asst. Professor, DePaul University; Founder, WonderWomen of Diversity