Honors students present posters

April 27, 2017

Five department honors students presented their capstone projects at the Honors Poster Presentation held April 26 in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. The economics seniors who participated were Dawson Barriuso, Jonathan Becker, Rachel Brandt, Brian Garrido, and Alyssa Henderson.

Poster presentations are held each semester. Most students present during their senior year, but they may present earlier if their Honors Project has been completed.

Dawson Barriuso Jonathan Becker
Dawson Barriuso Jonathan Becker
"The Interaction of U.S. Imports and Exports with
Domestic and International Butter Markets"
Adviser: Terry Alexander, Project Adviser: Dermot Hayes
"An Emerging Online Education: iTunes University
and Khan Academy, Significance and Future"
Project Adviser: Shoba Premkumar
Rachel Brandt Brian Garrido
Rachel Brandt Brian Garrido
"Testing for Strategic Breaks in City Populations"
Adviser: Terry Alexander, Project Advisers: Otavio Bartalotti, Peter Orazem
"Pricing Behavior of Liberal Arts Colleges"
Adviser: Terry Alexander, Project Advisers: Peter Orazem, Darin Wohlgemuth
Alyssa Henderson  
Alyssa Henderson  

"Evaluating Stereotypes of University Greek Life"
Advisers: Amani Elobeid, Kristin Towers, Project Advisor: Patrick Armstrong