Higher cost of fertilizer, chemicals affects farmers: Hart

April 11, 2022

Chad HartChad Hart, professor, was interviewed for an April 10 Sioux City Journal story, "Rising fertilizer costs pinch Siouxland farmers; higher crop prices could help offset the pain."

"Everything's up across the board, but some things are higher than others. And so, you can say that fertilizers, chemical, seed, even cash-rent land values, they're all up, fairly significantly compared to last year," said Chad Hart, a professor of economics, crop markets specialist and ISU Extension economist at Iowa State University. "But yeah definitely, in the case of especially fertilizer and chemicals, we have seen larger increases there than we're seeing in the other categories." 

The Country Today, April 11

Financiers and consultants gathered for the Agricultural Bankers Conference at the Kalahari Convention Center. The event, hosted by the Wisconsin Bankers Association, offered an opportunity for bankers across the country to congregate, network and hear from experts on the current state of agriculture during a promising, if turbulent year.

“I’m happy with the highs right now, but in the second half of 2022, I expect it’ll be a bumpy ride,” said Chad Hart, an Iowa State University professor and agricultural economist. “I really like the first half of 2022. What I don’t like is the potential in the second half of 2022, because I know as quickly as prices go up, you can work your way down even more quickly.”

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