High yields, prices for farmers: Hart

December 7, 2021

Chad HartChad Hart, professor, was interviewed for a Dec. 7 Maquoqueta Sentinel-Press story, "Big yields, strong prices mean high cotton for farmers."

That combination created a lot of income for Iowa farmers who have seen ups and downs in the past decade, said Chad Hart, professor and extension economist and crop markets specialist at Iowa State University. 

 “It’s creating a lot of excitement for planting for 2022,” he said last month during a webinar update on crops and prices in Iowa. The United States recorded its biggest corn crop ever – about 15 billion bushels – making it important that demand remains high, Hart said.
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Hart was quoted in a Dec. 7 Observer story, "Short supply of fertilizer to alter 2022 planting."

So, what will farmers do? Some are waiting to fertilize their fields until the spring, and some are eyeing alternatives to corn, Chat Hart, an economics professor at Iowa State University, said on “Iowa Press,” which airs on Iowa PBS.

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