Hart on USMCA

October 2, 2019

Dr. Chad HartChad Hart, associate professor, was quoted in a Farm Journal's AgPro story, "Impeachment Investigation Controversy Vs. USMCA" September 26.

However, Chad Hart, an economist at Iowa State University said, "When we look at where agriculture bills stand in this Congress, it has been very hard to get anything moving before this occurred. I'm going to argue this really doesn't change that.  Yes, it will eat up more time, but it wasn't as if they were using that time to advance agricultural bills, anyway."

Hart was interviewed in a September 28th Radio Iowa story, "Federal trade-related payments sustain farm economy."

“It wasn’t just the trade war that brought this on,” Hart says. “The trade war sort of exacerbated the problems that we’re seeing out there.”

Hart was interviewed in an October 7th The Gazette story, "Iowa farmers calling it quits could increase, economists say."

“It’s like playing ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ and we’re waiting to see what’s revealed behind door No. 2,” Hart said. “There’s just a heck of a lot of anxiety hanging in the agricultural realm this year,” he said, that has been brought on by “a slow grind as opposed to a sharp hit.”

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