Hart: Trade a "bright spot" for ag

July 6, 2018

Dr. Chad HartChad Hart, associate professor, was quoted in a July 3rd story in The Inquirer "Trump Distorts Facts on Agricultual Trade | FactCheck."

“Farm incomes have dropped significantly since, but most of the blame for that should go [to] consistent, near record high production for most agricultural goods,” which has “lowered prices and incomes. Trade is more likely to be a bright spot for ag, rather than a barrier (as the aggregate data shows).”

Hart was also quoted in a story in the Akron Hometowner Online Edition:

"Chad Hart, associate professor of economics and crop markets specialist, Iowa State University Extension, estimates Iowa soybean farmers stand to lose up to $624 million because of higher tariffs implemented by China."

Other coverage on July 2:

Hart was also interviewed on National Public Radio on July 2 on the Commodity Credit Corporation program.

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