Hart: Small meat lockers need repeat customers to survive

November 29, 2021

Chad HartChad Hart, professor, was interviewed during a recent Iowa PBS Iowa Press program on the federal government's plan to spend $150 million to expand small meat lockers.

“The problem’s going to be that just like smaller plants disappeared in the past, it’s likely a lot of these that are started up under these grants will likely to disappear going into the future unless they can figure out to specialize themselves within that local market to help drive demand for their services, reaching out to their cattle producers and hog producers in that area and saying: ‘Hey, bring your animals to us. Allow us to process them,'” Hart says. “…And can we benefit from the local food movement to truly drive that business?”

This story also covered by
KIWA Radio, Nov. 26

Hart was also quoted in a Nov. 25 EDairy News story, "Supply chain issues impacting dairy industry."

Chad Hart, an agricultural economist for Iowa State University, says exporting dairy products overseas was already tricky, and it’s worse right now. “They often tend to have a fairly short shelf life, meaning, we can’t wait for months to get a shipping container in order to ship a container full of yogurt,” Hart says. “You need to move that in days.”

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