Hart on Iowa Press

November 9, 2021

Chad Hart on Iowa PressChad Hart, professor, appeared on the Nov. 5 Iowa PBS program Iowa Press to discuss the 2021 harvest and the agricultural economy, as well as climate, drought conditions and other extreme weather.

"Over the past forty, fifty, sixty years, we have developed hybrids that are more tolerant of a wider range of weather conditions and those changes are definitely paying off as we look at them."

"Your having farmers looking at very high fertilizer prices right now. A lot of them are either considering delaying that application until spring or waiting until closer to the planting season, or looking at alternative crops where they would have to fertilize less."

"If they're looking at purchasing fertilizer right now, what they're finding is severe challenges either in very high prices or limited supplies."

Hart was also interviewed for a Nov. 9 Radio Iowa story, "U.S. corn fields likely to yield record crop in 2021."

Iowa State University Extension economist Chad Hart says the mid-October prediction was a 15 billion bushel corn harvest — the largest ever, “so we are talking about a massive crop (and) basically the same story on the soybean side as we’re looking out there, a very large soybean crop as well.”

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