Hart: Impacts of Russia-Ukraine conflict

February 25, 2022

Hart ABC interviewChad Hart, professor, was interviewed for a Feb. 23 KCRG story, "Impacts of Russia-Ukraine conflict can be felt in Iowa."

But experts say the Russia Ukraine conflict won’t be felt too hard in grocery store prices.

“For every dollar we spend at the grocery store, roughly about 15 cents, goes back to buy the products on the farm. So yeah, the commodity prices matter. But there are a lot of other things that add to that grocery store price,” said Hart. “As the Russia Ukraine conflict goes on, it will actually really have a very small impact on what we pay for bread in the grocery store.”

It’s unclear how long this situation will last, so the impact on prices in the long term is unknown.

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Hart was also inverviewed for a March 2 Marketplace story, "The other oil market that’s being disrupted by the conflict in Ukraine: the oils we eat."

Hart said a disruption in any part of the vegetable oil market means American farmers are able to charge more for their soybeans, but farming costs are up for things like diesel to run tractors, and “they’re also seeing higher costs for especially any sort of fertilizers that they use, chemicals that they use.”


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