Hart: Gas price increases hit farmers hard

March 16, 2022

Chad HartChad Hart, professor, was interviewed for a March 15 KIWA story, "Gas Price Increases Hitting Farmers Especially Hard."

Hart says farmers also face challenges with price volatility, as fluctuating prices are making it harder to know when to buy and sell. Kelly Garrett, a farmer from Denison, says his planter tractors use at least 100 gallons of diesel fuel every day.

He was also interviewed for an AgWeek story, "AgweekTV Full Show: The 40th annual Agweek Farm Show."

Iowa State University's Chad Hart says it's more likely USDA will fall back on other emergency measures they've previously used with CRP.

"With the drought out here, we can already see emergency haying and grazing needed for that, and that would open up some land, not in CRP but is in hay production right now, that could move into row crop."

Hart was interviewed for a March 20 story, "Corn Belt states will remain major ag producers," in the Neighbor

In total, the three states produce nearly $60 billion in agricultural goods annually. And there are no indications that will change in the foreseeable future.

“We’re going to be here for quite a while,” said Iowa State University Extension ag economist Chad Hart. “We’re very strong in terms of crop production.”

Any shifts will likely be minor and are more likely to be seen in the Show Me State, said Hart, who is originally from southwestern Missouri.

And for a March 21 Reuters story, "Wheat prices soar on Ukraine fears, but U.S. growers can't cash in."

"It's a massive headache that could turn into a problem if they do not have their financial house in order," said Chad Hart, an agricultural economist at Iowa State University.

And a March 23 Epoch Times story, "Wheat Prices Soar on Ukraine Fears, but US Growers Can’t Cash in."


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