Hansen guest speaker at Econ Club

November 6, 2017

The Econ Club hosted speaker Ron Hansen, Superintendent of Banking at the Iowa Division of Banking, at their Nov. 1 meeting. Hansen spoke on "Economics and the Banking Sector" to the attendees.

He also presented the trophy for the 2017 Community Bank Case Study Competition to two members of the ISU team who won second place in the competition. 2017 was the first year the department competed in the national event.

Shown in photo are Pete Angus, bank analyst, Peter Orazem, Peter Orazem, university professor, was interviewed by Jeff Angelo for the story "Why Are Iowa Workers Being Laid Off In A Hot Economy?" on WHO News Radio Nov. 16, 2018. They discussed the layoff of 400 workers in the Des Moines area by Wells Fargo.professor, team members James Howell and Callen Duffy, Hansen, and Kara Garman, bank examiner (left to right). Team members not shown: John Bebel, Timothy Dwyer, and Allen Wang.