Graduate Student Courses

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Econ 500. Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis I

Econ 501. Microeconomics

Econ 502. Macroeconomics

Econ 509. Applied Numerical Methods in Economics

Econ 510. Experimental Economics

Econ 520. Labor Supply and Human Capital Formation

Econ 521. Labor Markets

Econ 530. Advanced Farm Management

Econ 532. Managerial Economics for the Global Organization

Econ 533. Economic and Business Decision Tools

Econ 535. Applied Agricultural Marketing

Econ 537. Commodity Markets: Analysis and Strategy

Econ 545. Public Economics

Econ 553. Applied Research in Monetary and Macroeconomics

Econ 555. Issues in International Economics

Econ 560. Agricultural, Food, and Trade Policy

Econ 563. Issues in Government Policy Affecting Agriculture

Econ 571. Intermediate Econometrics

Econ 576. Spatial Economics

Econ 580. Intermediate Environmental and Resource Economics

Econ 581. Advanced Environmental Economics

Econ 590. Special Topics

Econ 599. Creative Component

Econ 600. Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis II

Econ 601. Microeconomic Analysis I

Econ 602. Macroeconomic Analysis

Econ 603. Microeconomic Analysis II

Econ 604. Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis

Econ 605. Advanced Topics in Microeconomics

Econ 606. Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics

Econ 615. Theoretical Industrial Organization

Econ 616. Empirical Methods in Industrial Organization

Econ 618. Game Theory

Econ 641. Agricultural Economics I

Econ 642. Agricultural Economics II

Econ 653. Financial Economics

Econ 654. Advanced Topics in Financial Economics

Econ 655. International Trade

Econ 657. International Finance

Econ 671. Econometrics I

Econ 672. Econometrics II

Econ 673. Microeconometrics

Econ 674. Macroeconometrics

Econ 675. Advanced Topics in Econometrics

Econ 680. Advanced Resource Economics

Econ 690. Advanced Topics

Econ 691. Third-Year Paper

Econ 693. Workshops

Econ 699. Research for Thesis or Dissertation