Grad students win Prescott awards

December 4, 2018

Prescott awardeesOn Dec. 3, 2018, Jeri Prescott presented the James R. Prescott Scholarship in Economics to graduate students at a reception in Heady Hall. See the photos.

The Prescott Scholarship Award, which recognizes high quality, creative doctoral research, is funded by a generous donation from Jim Prescott, a Professor Emeritus of this department who passed away in 2012, and his wife Jeri.

Mrs. Prescott presented the three Prescott Scholarships this year to: Anni Isojaervi, Chen-Ti Chen, and Sher Afghan Asad (not shown). These students will each receive $5000 and are now a part of an impressive group of creative researchers. 

Mrs. Prescott also presented two Prescott Fellowships (a new type of award this year) to Xinyu Guo and Seungki Lee. These fellowships will buy Xinyu and Seungki out of half of their normal teaching or research assistant duties in the Spring 2019 semester. Instead, half of their time (equivalent to a ΒΌ time RA or TA position) will be freed up to work as they please on their own research, with no obligations to faculty members.