Grad Student Costs

Tuition and Fees

The 2017-2018 tuition is $4,918 per semester for residents of Iowa, $12,049 per semester for nonresidents, and $12,827 for international students. Tuition for the next academic year will be somewhat higher. Students on assistantship (1/4-time or greater) qualify for Iowa-resident tuition and receive a Graduate College Tuition Scholarship offsetting all or part of resident tuition. Graduate students are subject to additional mandatory fees of approximately $700 per semester which are not covered by the tuition scholarship.

Ph.D. students on 1/2-time assistantships receive a tuition scholarship equal to 100% of the resident tuition. 

Housing Information

Graduate student housing costs vary depending upon the type of living arrangement chosen. Approximate costs are: on-campus apartments-$550-$850/month; dormitory room-$550/month and up; off-campus apartments-$400 to $800/month.