Gift to Enhance Study of Midwest Markets and Entrepreneurship

University Professor Peter Orazem A gift of nearly $1.7 million will support a new program to study Midwest economies in Iowa State University’s Department of Economics.

The Charles Koch Foundation will provide $1,685,000 over five years to the department’s Program for the Study of Midwest Markets and Entrepreneurship. The foundation’s contribution may grow to nearly $2.5 million, as it has pledged to match other gifts given to the program up to that amount.

“The generous support of the Charles Koch Foundation will help us to fill a gap in research and education on how Midwest markets work, and how they might work better to support Midwestern entrepreneurs and innovators,” said Joshua Rosenbloom, chair of the Department of Economics.

“Studies of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth have focused predominantly on the experiences of cities, and mainly on the East and West Coasts,” said Peter Orazem, University Professor of economics who directs the program. “Compared to these urban areas, Midwest labor, product and capital markets are thin, which means they typically have fewer buyers and sellers, wider spreads in prices and wages and greater chances that needed workers, investors or customers will not match with firms.”

“That’s why we believe it’s important to better understand how Midwest markets function in a world where increasingly people and companies benefit from locating near one another,” Orazem said. “It’s also important to understand how policy choices enhance or diminish economic outcomes in the Midwest.”

The Charles Koch Foundation gift will help broaden learning and teaching opportunities, supporting the hiring of one or two new faculty members and providing support to current faculty affiliated with the program. With the gift, the program will award up to three graduate student fellowships and six undergraduate student scholarships.

The new resources also provide support for the program’s research, which includes a project to better understand how state tax policies affect the climate for business and economic activity. The new “Border Index” improves on existing indexes that rate states on their business climates, by making comparisons of tax effects on economic activity in areas close to state borders.

The program also will support new and ongoing research on topics that include identifying how Midwest states can attract and retain critical human capital, and how government policies enhance or restrict those efforts. The program will analyze how taxes, regulations and governmental policies impact entrepreneurship and economic growth.

The Program for the Study of Midwest Markets and Entrepreneurship will focus on several key areas in entrepreneurship, including the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in fostering start-up companies in rural markets; factors that may help reverse the slow pace of entrepreneurship in the Midwest; and the Midwestern landscape for entrepreneurial finance, including supply and demand for venture capital.

The Program for the Study of Midwest Markets and Entrepreneurship adds to the portfolio of Iowa State’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. The initiative provides students with practical business development and entrepreneurial experiences essential for their success in future careers and endeavors, and serves as an incubator for start-ups that eventually impact the communities where they launch. Each year more than 700 students participate in the initiative’s educational activities and programs, allowing them to experience entrepreneurship first-hand.

The commitment from the Charles Koch Foundation to the Iowa State University Foundation is part of the Forever True, For Iowa State campaign, with a historic goal to raise $1.1 billion, which will help support Iowa State in becoming the premier land-grant university for the 21st century and beyond.

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