Flexible workplace options for employees

August 4, 2020

With the start of Iowa State’s fall semester upon us, we know many of you are also preparing for a K-12 school year that will have many uncertainties, or you may be facing other family or personal challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand the constant changes and unpredictable circumstances are taking a heavy toll. Caring for our faculty and staff is a top priority; we are here to support you. University Human Resources (UHR) will be sending out a survey this week to employees with students in kindergarten through 6th grade to obtain feedback on the care needs they anticipate during the school year. 

We ask that supervisors and employees continue to think creatively, exercise flexibility, and maintain frequent and open communication. As employees cope with personal challenges, they may request to: 

  • Continue working remotely where appropriate.
  • Utilize a flexible work schedule.
  • Utilize accrued vacation, accrued vacation credit, and/or compensatory time off.
  • Take voluntary leave without pay, which could make the employee eligible for unemployment benefits.
  • Temporarily reduce their employment status to part-time.
  • Take an unpaid leave of absence.

Supervisors should please work with their employees to determine appropriate options. UHR has prepared Flexible Workplace Guidance for Employees who may want to request any of the above arrangements. Supervisors have discretion to approve an employee’s request. Please contact your HR Delivery Team or email hr_delivery@iastate.edu with any questions.

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