External funding update

October 6, 2020

Lisa StephanyMessage from Lisa Stephany, CARES PreAward Team:

Just sending a reminder that I am available to assist you with your external funding proposal needs for your research and projects. If you have a proposal deadline approaching, please complete the CARES Proposal Initiation Form (see more information below) or email me and I can help you with timelines, budgets, budget justifications, etc.

Exciting news! The CARES Team has launched a new web-based proposal initiation form. This form replaces the previous Excel GoldSheet Initiation Form. It captures the details needed for your CARES representative to initiate your GoldSheet, Cardinal Sheet or assist with your internal funding submission.

The CARES Proposal Initiation Form is available on the CARES Team web page, https://www.cals.iastate.edu/preaward. Going forward, please use this form to request proposal assistance. If you have trouble with the form, please feel free to email or call me and I can help you fill it out.

We welcome your feedback and additional ideas for improvement. A big thank you to those faculty who tested the form and provided valuable input in its development.

Once I have received your request, I will send you a proposal timeline, proposal checklist, and any other information that will assist you.

Please feel free to contact me via email, phone (515.294.6175), Teams or Zoom.

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