Economics forum on environmental policy on water quality

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 7:00 pm
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James Shortle, Sandra HoffmanLocation: Sun Room, Memorial Union

Description: Panel: "Shaping Environmental Policy, Improving Water Quality and Environmental Health"

Two distinguished alumni of Iowa State University and the Department of Economics return to campus to discuss policy options to improve water quality and environmental health in Iowa and the upper Midwest. What incentives, disincentives, or environmental markets would encourage practices that reduce nutrient runoff, nonpoint source pollution, and improve environmental health? What strategies would maximize net benefits to society?

Participants include James Shortle, Distinguished Professor at Pennsylvania State University, who studies economic incentives and policy design for water resource management, including nutrient pollution; Sandy Hoffmann, Senior Economist, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, whose research focuses on assessing human health benefits from environmental health and food safety programs. Dr. Hoffmann will talk about “One Health,” or how looking at human health in relationship to environmental quality and animal health can help us develop more effective means of protecting human health. 

John Miranowski, Emeritus Professor of Economics at Iowa State will moderate the discussion. Part of the Economics Forum

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Cosponsored By:

  • Department of Economics
  • Committee on Lectures (funded by Student Government)