Economics Department Alumni Awards Archive



Date Received

Kimle, Kevin Pioneering College Innovation Award 2022
Lawrence, John Gamma Sigma Delta Alumni Award of Merit 2022
Conover, Dwight Floyd Andre Award 2021
English, Burton Lifetime Achievement Award (SAEA) 2021
Hepler, Fred D. Howard Doane Award 2021
Ibarburu-Blanc, Maro Professional and Scientific Research Award 2021
McFadden, Johathan AJAE Outstanding Reviewer Award 2021
Paulson, Nick AAEA Distinguished Extension/Outreach More than 10 Years Experience 2021
Summers, Sam Distinguished Services for the Public Good 2021
Brandau, Amy Learning Community Coordinator Award 2020
Burres, Reed New Leader Award (Corteva) 2020
Carlsson, Roger Henry A. Wallace Award 2020
Fichter, Corby Outstanding ISU Ag Business Alumni 2020
Fuller, Wayne 2020 Citation Laureates for Economics 2020
Martin, Will AAEA Fellow 2020
Plagge, Jeff Floyd Andre Award 2020
Roosen, Jutta AAEA Fellow 2020
Tubbs, Al Bruning Award 2020
Berger, Steve CALS Floyd Andre Award 2019
Borel, James Carl F. Hertz Distinguished Service Award 2019
Burns-Thompson, Elizabeth CALS Emerging Iowa Leader 2019
Miller, Leslie Woman Impacting Agriculture 2019
Rowe, Jeff Outstanding ISU Ag Business Alumni for 2018 2019
Schulte, Troy Distinguished Alumni Award (Depts. Econ and History) 2019
Thamodaran, Dhamu CALS Henry A. Wallace Award 2019
Wilcox, Rex

D. Howard Doane Award

Zelle, Ben ISU James A. Hopson Alumni Volunteer Award


Brandau, Amy ISU Award for Academic Advising Impact 2018
Brandau, Amy CALS Outstanding Adviser Award 2018
De Inza Niemeijer, Ina CALS Young Alum of the Month 2018
Franklin, Marla (Warrick) Order of the Knoll Cardinal and Gold Award 2018
Irwin, Scott AAEA Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis 2018
Jacobi, Jay and Julie Order of the Knoll Emerging Philanthropist 2018
Latham, John Outstanding ISU Ag Business Alumni for 2017 (Ag Bus Club) 2018
McPhail, Joseph Economics Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2018
Underwood, Roger Alumni Medal Award (ISU Alumni Assoc) 2018
Underwood, Roger Distinguished Alumni Award 2018
Doye, Damona AAEA Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Award 2017
Doye, Damona AAEA Fellow 2017
Fiedler Thorn, Sarah Outstanding ISU Ag Business Alumni for 2016 2017
Huffman, Wallace AAEA Publication of Enduring Quality Award 2017
Ronald Kay (w/William Edwards) AAEA Award for Publication of Lasting Impact 2017
Burns-Thompson, Elizabeth CALS Young Alum of the Month 2016
Erwin, Joni Cardinal Key inductee 2016
Hart, Chad Office of Senior Vice President and Provost Exemplary Mentor of Junior Faculty 2016
Manus, Shazia Public Engagement Award, Department of Economics 2016
Vaughan, Rick Outstanding ISU Ag Business Alumni for 2015 2016
Hart, Chad CALS Special Research Award 2015
Peterson, Mike Outstanding ISU Ag Business Alumni for 2014 2015
Wright, Delores Campanile Award 2015
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