Econ undergrad running for student senate

March 1, 2018

Lucy DouoghertyLucy Dougherty, economics sophomore, is one of the 13 candidates running for three seats in the LAS Student Government Senate. She participated in a debate with four of the candidates Feb. 27, 2018.

Dougherty is pre-law, the chair of the lecture’s committee here at Iowa State and has been a Teacher’s Assistant in the past. This summer, Dougherty is working at the Iowa Attorney General’s office. 

When asked what their plan is to hear each and every voice of the students on campus, Dougherty started the debate by saying that contacting student leaders is an important start.

“It’s really hard to connect with every single constituent,” Dougherty said. “But if you went through presidents of clubs, the LAS council, there’s a lot of bigger organizations to connect to more students through.”

Dougherty explained how she would go about change.

“A lot of times, the change that people talk about is impossible for whatever reason,” Dougherty said. “They aren’t looking at ideas that can actually be done within the student government.

Dougherty said that while change outside of the student government cannot be directly and immediately changed, there are steps to reach a potential change.

“Educating students about the things that you cannot change will help the students understand,” Dougherty said.

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