Econ IT help team

October 6, 2021

Godpower, Bhandari, ArbuckleMany members of the department are already familiar with the three students helping Christopher in IT this year. The team has been answering questions and solving issues to keep the department's technology humming.

Akpobari Justice Godpower, a junior in software engineering, has actually been working in Heady since January 2021, often the only person in the building. He graduated from North High School in Des Moines. You can reach him at

Kalpes Bhandari, a pre-business sophomore, came with his family from Nepal to the U.S. when he was seven. He hopes to declare MIS as a major, and may consider pursuing an MBA after he graduates. You can reach Kalpes at

Peyton Arbuckle is a sophomore studying computer science. Peyton likes traveling, listening to Kanye West, and programing. Contact him at