Eathington on impact of TPI closing

October 25, 2021

Liesl EathingtonLiesl Eathington, Research Scientist, was interviewed on Radio Iowa Oct. 22 about the closing of TPI Composites in Newton, Iowa.

Eathington says, “Because that firm was not as deeply rooted into the local economy as Maytag had been, I don’t think the consequences are going to be felt as much.” Eathington says the economies of Newton and Jasper County are also more connected to the Des Moines area since Maytag closed, which adds stability to the local economy.


Eathington on Iowa Public Radio, Oct. 22

“The residents of Newton are comparatively less dependent on that single plant,” Eathington said. “There's a lot stronger commuting flows now between Newton and the Des Moines area.”

“Those workers might have a slight advantage because they're already familiar with the manufacturing environment,” Eathington said. “Their prospects of finding other employment in manufacturing are probably pretty good, given the current concerns about workforce shortages.”

Eathington also spoke with Isabella Rosario, Ames Tribune, about the changing demographics and Hispanic population growth in Story County.

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