Data Driven Science Distinguished Lecture Series

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 7:30 pm
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Alliant Energy - Lee Liu Auditorium Howe Hall 

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Nolan McDonald
Imagine waking up in 25 years, what sort of community will you be living in? More important, in 25 years, what sort of community do you want to be living in? City and county governments strive to be responsive to residents, improve quality of life, determine what services are needed, and stimulate economic growth. During the course of administering these public services and allocating resources, an abundance of data is generated. The story of the community is in these data. Every community has a unique phenotype, a set of characteristics that are influenced by its environment and drive its evolutionary trajectory. This presentation will discuss fostering connections within the community to identify these unique characteristics with a focus on how to repurpose the various municipal and external data sources to support the community through data informed policy development.