COVID-19 Information for Faculty and Staff

Updated 9-29-21*

Administrative help for staff and faculty

  • Canvas: Please continue to email Lydia Richards ( clear instructions and corresponding files to post for Canvas, or other platforms that you have worked together on.
  • Curriculum: Please forward email documentation of major and minor curriculum or other changes to Lydia to update internal records. If possible, (I.e. student is not graduating this spring) have students wait until normal operations are resumed.
  • Newsletter items: Send newsletter items as usual to Deb Gruca ( by Thursday noon for the department newsletter or to Lydia by Friday at 4:30 for the undergrad newsletter as these will continue to be sent out on Fridays and Mondays.

*Public Health Messaging for Students via Canvas

COVID-19 updates available online

COVID Vaccination clinics offered

Multiple changes to COVID-related operations

Changes to the 2021-2022 academic calendar

International Travel Moratorium lifted
   Employee International Travel form

Moving forward to a new normal for the 2021-2022 academic year

COVID-19 information

New hotline for staff COVID-19 questions 24/7

COVID Expections for students

Reporting a Positive COVID-19 test result

Instruction information

Iowa State course delivery modes

Employee information

New Procurement and Payment Methods


Installing WebEx
All university employees have access to WebEx. It can be accessed through Okta ( You might have to search for the WebEx Premium applet.

Working remotely

Helpful homeschooling resources
Here's a list of some great resources to help with kids home from school.

Keep Community, Stay Informed, and Be Well
ISU WellBeing is launching this campaign during remote work, online instruction, and social distancing at ISU. Focusing on and prioritizing our wellbeing is essential. This tool is a great resource for Iowa State employees to navigate the many changes to their daily lives due to the COVID-19 global outbreak.

Important Technology Information
Most Iowa State University resources are easily accessible with just an internet connection, but may require some setup. Before you begin working remotely, understand what you will need to do to access ISU technology resources off-campus. Find more information about working securely when at a remote location and get guidance on conducting research during the COVID-19 outbreak.