Concurrent Bachelor and Masters Option

Undergraduate students currently enrolled at Iowa State University have the option to start taking classes for the MSAE or MSE degree before getting their bachelor’s degrees. In particular, up to 6 credits used toward an undergraduate degree can also be used for an MS degree. In total, a student can earn up to 9 credits or more for an MS degree before getting the BS degree.

You can consider the MS as a counterpart of a double major. While double majors allow “horizontal” growth in knowledge and skills, our MS degree deepens your knowledge and skills “vertically” and do so in time efficient manner. 

Year Coursework Comments
300+ level or 400+ level electives (9 credits)  
Econ 500 Quant Methods in Econ Analysis I (4 credits)
Econ 501 Microeconomics (4 credits)
Econ 594X Res Methods in Econ I (1 credit)
Electives (3 credits)
Choose major professor
File Program of Study and
Committee (POSC) form
Econ 571 Intermediate Econometrics (4 credits)
Econ 595X Res Methods in Econ II (1 credit)
Econ 596X Res Methods in Econ III (1 credit)
MSAE: Electives (3 credits)
MSE: Econ 502 (4 credits)

File for graduation
and conduct final oral presentation


Undergraduate Timeline

  • Fresh - Jr Year - Express interest to academic advisor
  • Jr Spring and Sr Fall - Work with MS Director to plan concurrent enrollment and apply
  • Sr Fall and Spring - Begin taking graduate level courses

Post-Bachelor's Degree Timeline

  • First Fall - Take graduate classes and plan for research
  • First Spring - Continue classes, begin research, search for jobs and graduate