CARD: Ceasing China trade's short-term effects

September 27, 2017

Several members of CARD were quoted in an Iowa State Daily article about the potential effects on US agriculture in the case of cessation of US trade with China.

“Ceasing trade with China would have a major short-term impact on agricultural markets. China is one of our top two markets, going back and forth with Canada, with a rough value of $20 billion per year in ag trade,” Hart said.

The U.S. exports agricultural products to China more than any other country in the world annually, totalling $21.4 billion in soybeans, grains and pork, among other commodities. In addition, the U.S. receives $4.3 billion in agricultural imports from China each year.

“The loss of that market would be a major blow and it would take some time to find additional markets to make up for that loss,” Hart said.

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