Call for census-related researchers

January 27, 2020

The editors of Link magazine, the LAS alumni publication, are looking for faculty, students or alums who have connections with the Census.

Some examples for faculty/research may be:

  • Research about how the Census results affect small communities—or immigration policy—or political processes 
  • Or the effect on refugee resettlement 
  • Or how our news is (or isn't) delivered to diverse audiences that are reflected in Census data 
  • Or how the historical evolution of the Census has changed over time - how it's used or how it's gathered 
  • Or how public rhetoric or controversial communication could be more informed by the Census  
  • Or how/why the data collection or analysis methods do or don't give an accurate picture
  • Or ethical implications of Census gathering and/or applications
  • Or a comparison of the U.S. Census with other countries and their systems
  • Or how the U.S. Census reflects, or doesn't reflect the criminal justice system

The research story does not have to be based on an upcoming publication—the story will be more about their overall work in the area. 

If interested, contact Amy Juhnke,, 4-0461, or  Deb Gruca,, 4-9849 by Jan. 30, 2020.

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