Beef the center of American plate: Hart

May 10, 2021

Dr. Chad HartChad Hart, professor, was interviewed for a May 7 Washington Post story, "Red meat politics: GOP turns culture war into a food fight."

For some, it’s hard to imagine Americans abandoning beef and easy to see its power as a political symbol, said Chad Hart, an Iowa State University agriculture economist.

Americans don’t get overly sentimental about barns crammed with chickens or thousands of hogs, but few images are as quintessentially American as cattle grazing over rolling hills.

“When you think about American food, beef is what is in the center of that plate,” Hart said. “And that’s likely to remain a national identity when it comes to what an American food plate looks like.”

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Hart was also quoted in a May 7, Ames Tribune story, "Iowa farmers are cautious about taking advantage of rising crop prices as drought concerns deepen during planting."

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